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Jay Duke - Managing Partner, BDO USA LLP
BDO's goal is to increase brand awareness and market share in the franchise sector. We have always had a good name and positive reputation in the market and we wanted something more to raise the stakes. We retained Jeff Kolton and Franchise Market Ventures (FMV) based on his reputation and experience in the franchise sector. FMV presented us with a very creative and strategic marketing plan. Together, we set high but realistic goals and FMV has met and surpassed our expectations. FMV was able to match BDO's core strengths to the opportunities they saw within the franchise sector. That enabled us to leverage our existing success to land multiple high profile clients which has increased our brand awareness. As FMV and Jeff predicted, BDO is now a recognized leader in accounting and tax services to the franchise community and is in consideration for every major account in the sector. Through FMV BDO has also raised their awareness and profile through key speaking opportunities. Their work has been invaluable. It's been a pleasure to work with Jeff and his team. I'd recommend FMV to any large and reputable company who is committed to increasing business in the franchise sector.

Steven Kravitz - Managing Director, Sports & Entertainment Specialty Group for SunTrust Banks, Inc.
I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff on behalf of my professional athlete and high net worth clients who have been actively seeking solid investments in the restaurant and multi-unit franchise sectors. Jeff's varied talents as a seasoned attorney and deal-maker puts him in a class all his own for our now mutual clientele.
Steve Greenbaum President, Founder of PostNet - Former Chairman of the Board of Directors, IFA
Jeff has been a friend, an advisor, and a mentor over the years. He is a unique individual with a complex set of skills talented lawyer, creative marketer, hands-on strategist, and a unique thinker. He's the guy you call when you need to think through a new idea; because he's seen (and retained) literally hundreds of business models within our industry, and is able to see things others can't.
When I was looking at a possible transaction several years ago, I needed an expert to help facilitate a complicated negotiation, and Jeff was on the next plane with no hesitation, and did an excellent job (as expected). And when I became Chairman of the Board of IFA, he flew out to Denver and, over a great bottle of wine, told me what he saw as potential issues which might arise during my tenure, and gave me ideas on how to proactively address them again, of his own volition, as a friend watching out for a friend. And he was spot on with each insight.
Jeff is one of the true innovators in our industry, an invaluable resource, as well as a colleague and a friend.
Joanne Webb Joyce Former National Manager, Franchise Systems, 7-Eleven
I have been a colleague, a client, and a friend of Jeff's for over 20 years. He is one of the most respected strategists in the entire franchise industry and I have turned to him countless times when I needed feedback on an idea or an example of how other companies handled a similar situation. Not only does he have an enormous depth of knowledge about our industry (from his years running FRANdata as well as working as counsel to the leading franchise companies in the country, including ours), but he is also a unique thinker within our sector. The phrase "thinking outside the box" is overused, but it really does apply to Jeff. If you are looking for strategic guidance or alternatives to growth, I would highly recommend calling him.
Wiley Cerilli Partner, First Round Capital, Former Founder/CEO, Single Platform (acquired by Constant Contact)
I met Jeff when I first started Single Platform and was developing our roll-out strategy. Over several meetings and discussions, I came to appreciate his unique understanding of technology's potential impact on the franchise/restaurant space, and invited him to be our only non-investment firm board member. His impact was immediate, and we expanded our relationship into a consultative role. When Jeff reached out to the CEOs of our target lists, they all took his call immediately, something we had not been able to achieve. The result was significant growth in the restaurant sector- great for both our bottom line, our investors' confidence, and our eventual exit strategy. I personally appreciated his counsel during our sales process, and continue to seek his advice in my new role as a venture capitalist.
Dick Larkin Former President, Weblistic; EVP of Sales, Oak Health
I can't thank you enough for your invaluable contributions to Weblistic.
We originally engaged you to advise us on building an organization that could be franchised. I never imagined that you would have such a positive impact across our entire organization.
Your connections and expertise in the franchise community enabled us to land multiple "trophy clients" that acted as a magnet to attract even more business. It became the tipping point that propelled us to blow past our formidable competition.
There is no way we would have achieved the successful exit without the clients and business expertise you brought to the table. I often cite your participation as the ideal business advisory relationship.
More than anything, I appreciate your friendship and support.
Melissa Soper Senior Vice President, Corporate Administration, Dollar Financial Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: DLLR)
After acquiring a franchise system with a number of legacy issues, Mr. Kolton provided consulting services regarding a number of business issues. His franchising knowledge and business-minded approach helped us to develop a number of creative solutions. We found that Mr. Kolton grasps issues very quickly and can provide both strategic and tactical guidance on a wide array of business challenges.
Stephen Hammerstein President, ICED - Former Chairman of the Board of Directors, IFA
I've probably know Jeff for 20 years, but really got to know him when I was Chairman of the Board of the IFA and he was Chairman of the Suppliers Forum. Back then, relationships between the Suppliers and the Franchisors were rocky and a bit emotional. As Chair, Jeff used the skills he honed at FRANdata to produce an objective, statistically-based argument for why the suppliers should receive greater benefits. He was a fierce advocate for his client and was willing to fall on the sword for the benefit of others the kind of guy you want on your side. He gained the respect of the franchisors, and laid the groundwork for the positive and cooperative relationship suppliers enjoy today within the trade association. I saw firsthand how he was able to quickly assess a difficult and complicated situation, find a unique solution, and create a clear path to success.
Many years later, I had the opportunity to work with Jeff in a business setting, when he was creating a fitting memorial to his late wife. One of my company's subsidiaries was exploring a new model for expanding its reach, and he was able to transform this idea into a full-fledged business. He handled the legal, business and marketing analysis simultaneously. We eventually adopted Jeff's model as a better business model with greater growth opportunities for our system.