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Grow Your Restaurant Concept on the Right Terms: Yours
What does Tailored Do?

Tailored Food Solutions, LLC ("TFS") is an affiliate of Franchise Market Ventures, LLC. TFS was formed in 2010 to provide additional support for Franchise Market Ventures' growing Food and Beverage ("F&B") client base of leading restaurant brands, culinary talent and mixologists. TFS is a national strategic consulting group that works to match properties and F&B concepts with customized and high potential development opportunities based upon criteria provided by the restaurant concept, culinary talent or mixologist to Tailored.

Properties include non-traditional venues such as airports, college campuses, hotels, resorts, casinos, hospitals, military bases, sports arenas and convention centers, and traditional venues such as malls, lifestyle centers, and other retail developments.

TFS' ability to identify successful matches is founded upon a large network of restaurant industry relationships, the experience of its principals as attorneys at prominent law firms in negotiating and structuring restaurant transactions, and the practical restaurant operational experience of TFS' principals. This experience enables TFS to effectively identify solutions that have a high probability of success for all parties involved and bring deals to the finish line.

TFS seeks high quality restaurant concepts, culinary talent, and mixologists that have the proven ability and willingness to grow on commercially reasonable terms. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at info@fmvllc.net.